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  • How to fix the desktop displaying as a black screen when using Oculus link with Windows 11:

    • Go to Windows Settings -> Display -> Graphics -> "Custom options for apps"->"Add an app" ->"Desktop app". Click "Browse" and select:
    C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\OVRServer_x64.exe
    • Click "Add". Select "Options" and set it to "Power saving", and click save.

    • Go into the oculus app on the desktop computer. Go to settings -> beta -> restart oculus.

  • How to transfer files to/from HPC tape storage:

    #To recall a file from tape you must have read access.
    #dmget /apollo/dir1/dir2/file
    #To migrate a file to tape and keep it on disk (i.e. dual state, state=DUL). You must have write access to file to migrate it.
    #dmput /apollo/dir1/dir2/file
    #To migrate a file to tape and remove it's disk blocks (i.e. offline, state=OFL)
    #dmput -r /apollo/dir1/dir2/file
    #To get detailed information about file's attributes.
    #dmattr /apollo/dir1/dir2/file
    #To determine a file's state, three letter code will be returned. States are listed below.
    #dmattr -a state /apollo/dir1/dir2/file
    #To determine a file's sitetag.
    #dmattr -a sitetag /apollo/dir1/dir2/file
    #To prevent file(s) being migrated to tape, set the sitetag to 16.
    #dmtag -t 16 /apollo/dir1/dir2/file1 /apollo/dir1/dir2/file2
    #dmfind /apollo/dir/files | dmtag -t 16
    #To allow file(s) to migrate to tape, set the sitetag back to 0.
    #dmtag -t 0 /apollo/dir1/dir2/file1 /apollo/dir1/dir2/file2

  • How to recursively find all binary files in a folder and change their permission to executable with chmod in linux:

    find /path/of/desired/folder -type f -executable -exec sh -c "file -i '{}' | grep -q 'x-executable; charset=binary'" \; -print | xargs chmod +x

  • How to do 3D pooling of samples:
    Græsbøll 2016 how to do 3D pooling.pdf

  • How to recursively change the permissions of specific file types in a folder using chmod:

    find ./ -type f -iname "*.sh" -exec chmod +x {} \;

  • How to sort fastq files by their titles:

    cat file.fastq | paste - - - - | sort -k1,1 -t " " | tr "\t" "\n" > file_sorted.fastq

  • How to list all running processes in PBS-PRO

    qstat -rn1tw

  • How to find a best blast hit:

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